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Garden Soil

One of a kind
thatch  maintenance

THATCHzyme Soil Profile 12 weeks

Soil profile after 12 weeks of application of THATCHzyme at Congressional Country Club (Gold) (Bethesda, MD) on 20+ year old bentgrass/poa tees.

Powerful mushroom enzymes

High concentrations of laccase and other organic matter degrading enzymes isolated from mushrooms guaranteed at concentrations proven to be effective.

Innovative sustainable humic acids

Derived from plant sources and fermented by mushrooms, our renewable humic and fulvic acids are unlike any other on the market.

Game changing performance

With an ultra low application rate of 32 oz per acre, we've seen results in as little as 12 weeks.

Improve playability all year round

Organic matter management is one of the most important issue that affects playability and the ability to grow great turf consistently. With THATCHzyme you can take control of your organic matter without disrupting the surfaces.

Lower your

labor costs

Low application rates and broad tank compatibility allow you to integrate THATCHzyme seamlessly into your existing spray programs. THATCHzyme may reduce the need for mechanical thatch removal.

Invest in the long term health of your course

By choosing THATCHzyme, you're not just investing in non-disruptive thatch maintenance – you're championing sustainable turf management practices that prioritize the long-term playability and health of your course.

Commitment to Research
and Performance

We believe in the power of high performance biological solutions and are committed to creating a well researched product. To meet this goal, we partner with leading academic researchers and visionary superintendents to demonstrate how THATCHzyme performs under real-world conditions. Read our field data report for current results and subscribe to updates on our field trials.

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THATCHzyme Organic Matter Results

THATCHzyme lowered organic matter accumulation in the 0-2 cm fraction by an average of 15.8% across 9 real world testing sites relative to control plots. 

Garden Soil

Grow deep roots with THATCHzyme

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THATCHzyme Root Length Study.jpg



10 weeks of biweeky THATCHzyme treatment significantly increased creeping bentgrass maximum root length by 21% (p < 0.05).

THATCHzyme 1 gallon and 5 gallon packaging

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